Terms of business

Pricing Terms and Conditions

  1. All day bookings mean 12 hours which include running time so that in effect it is 11 hours work out of which they may drive for 9 hours.

  2. With suitable notice this can be extended to a maximum of 15 hours from leaving the yard to returning. Out of which they can drive for a maximum of 10. Over that and a second driver is required by law.

  3. Trips to Alton Towers will usually exceed this time and will require a second driver.

  4. Drivers must by law stop and rest for a minimum of 45 minutes every 4.5 hours.

  5. An additional charge will be applied if a second driver is required.

  6. Deposits will be required to confirm a booking and the balance must be paid so the we have cleared funds 14 days before the date of the booking.

  7. All tolls and parking charges are the responsibility of the hirer.

  8. The 2% cost levied by the card companies of using a credit card will be added to any transaction.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Any quoted pick up or journey time are best estimates only whilst it uses all reasonable efforts to convey passenger(s) to their destinations in the shortest possible time The Little Bus Company shall have no liability if the pick up and journey time exceeds any estimate given or otherwise exceeds the Client's or the passenger(s) expectations for whatever reason nor shall The Little Bus Company have any other liability to the Client or the passenger(s) in connection with the time at which the passenger(s) reach or fail to reach the destination.

  2. The Little Bus Company shall have no liability for any damage, loss, costs, claims or expenses (whether foreseeable or not) incurred or suffered by the Client or the passenger(s) (other than in respect of death or personal injury) by virtue of eventualities or occurrences, acts or omissions including on the part of the driver outside of the reasonable control of The Little Bus Company.

  3. It shall be for the Client and or the passenger(s) to ensure that valuable, unusual or any other items are covered by appropriate insurance. The Little Bus Company cannot entertain any claim for loss of or damage to items but upon proof of value may make ex gratia payment not exceeding in total £10.00 in respect of any one hiring.

  4. If The Little Bus Company cancels a booking, it shall have no liability to the Client or to the intended passenger(s) if it has used its reasonable endeavours to fulfil the booking and to notify the Client of the cancellation.

  5. Any claim or complaint shall be notified by the Client to The Little Bus Company within one month of the date of the assignment or; if later, the first date on which the Client became aware of (or if sooner should have been aware of) the matter.

  6. If In the event of a cancellation by the client less than 24 hours before the time booked the full price is due, The Little Bus Company may at its discretion charge a cancellation fee of not less than 50% of the booking. Cancellations made between 2 - 7 days before will incur an admin fee of not less than £100.

  7. Where a booking has been agreed and a vehicle has been despatched and then either cancelled or the customers have failed to utilise the service then the whole of the cost of the journey plus any waiting time that may have occurred will be due.

  8. All quotes are valid for one month.

  9. Where the actual journey differs from this confirmation then the cost will be based on the mileage travelled or hourly rate whichever is the higher.

  10. Should a passenger feel sick and fail to ask the driver to stop in time, there is a set charge of £70 to clean and valet the bus.

  11. In the event that a passenger causes deliberate or malicious damage to the vehicle the hirer is responsible for the cost of repairs.

  12. Please note all vehicles are STRICTLY Non-smoking and no alcohol is to be consumed on board.

  13. Please note all accounts beyond our credit terms will be passed to our debt collection agency, Sinclair Goldberg Price Ltd. All accounts, without exception, will be subject to a surcharge of 15% plus vat to cover our costs in recovery. These accounts will also be subject to any legal costs incurred in obtaining settlement.




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